Aitelong SAT-17T Optical Fusion Splicer


Fiber Type

Single Fiber

Applicable Fibers

 SM (single mode), MM (multi-mode), DS (dispersion), NZDS (non-zero dispersion),


Average Loss

 0.02dB(SM), 0.01dB(MM), 0.04dB(DS), 0.04dB(NZDS), 0.02dB (BIF/UBIF)

Return Loss

 9s / 7s (fast mode)

Typical splicing time

 250μm, 600μm, 900μm,2~3mm and 3.5mm

Compatiable cable

 250μm, 600μm, 900μm,2~3mm and 3.5mm

Fiber aligning

 Core alignment and cladding alignment

Fiber Diameter

 Cladding diameter:80~150μm

 Coating diameter:100~1000μm


 X or Y, magnify 360X

 X + Y, magnify 180X

Image display

 High-performance 4.3 inch LCD

Tensile test

 Standard 2N

Splicing mode

 100 (10 factoty pre-defined)

Heatig mode

 100 (4 factory pre-defined)

Heat-shrinkable tubing

 60mm, 45mm, 20mm or other types

Battery capacity

 7800mAH, 86.58WH

 300 times (splicing and heating)
 Charging time: about 3h (can be used while charging)
Battery life 1000 charging cycles
Electroce life Typical 3,000 times, and replaceable
External interface Mini USB
Result record Maxmium10000 results
Heater Function Automatic, support user defined heating mode, 0ºC ~ 300ºC adjustable
Power supply Built-in lithium battery: 11.1V;  AC/DC adapter input: AC 100-240V

Output: DC 13.5V / 5.0A

Working Environment Temperature: -20ºC ~ +55ºC (-4ºF~131ºF);  Humidity: 95% RH (40°C non-condensing)

Altitude: 0~5000m

Dimension L×W×H=166×146×159 (mm)
Weight 1.6kg (without battery), 2.0kg (with battery)